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Legge's Portable Milling, Valley City, ND

Lewis Legge, 3212 115 Ave. SE, Valley City, ND 58072

701-845-4762  / email j legge @ daktel. com

Wood Butcher photos- firewood processor

To answer the most common questions:  I don't have any blueprints or plans printed up.  The plans are only in my head.  It was a build-as-you-go project.  I had rough sketches and some calculations but are not anything to build on.  I knew what I wanted the machine to do and what other designs would do so I made the modifications as needed.

 I purchased the (bar, sprocket, chain) from GB American as separate items.  800-765-9357.  The high speed orbit motor was purchased from Surplus Center 800-488-3407.  I built the bar mount and pivot from scratch.  I also had to figure out a way to mount the sprocket on the orbit motor and design a bar oiler.  Sounds simpler than it is, but if you are familiar with chain saws it would help.  I did my own design and labor to save money.  This cost me about 7-8 thousand bucks.  Some processors just use a large gas powered saw to simplify things.  L & M Equipment 800-228-0793 sells a hydraulic unit but the price is scary as hell.  Not much help but if you want to call me, my number is below.

Here is the information I have for the hydraulics study course:
Surplus Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
Catalog 279, 2006 Edition
800-488-3407   Industrial Fluid Power, Vol, I, II, III

Item No. 9-1124, 9-1125 and 9-1126  $36.95 each
This will also get you their catalog which has many usable and odd parts.


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